Escape From The Spooky Manor!


2021 - 3 sessions available (see Other Program Details below)


ONLINE WORKSHOP (Class link provided via confirmation email upon sign up)


3.30pm - 4.30pm




The Polliwogs Academy presents, a virtual escape room adventure - ESCAPE FROM THE SPOOKY MANOR!

PLOT: The Spooky Manor looms over the hills and stands abandoned for decades! Your friends challenged you to a game of hide and seek inside! You refused and decided to wait outside the door... you hear intermittent shouts and laughter from inside the house... then... complete silence. Its been 1 hour and they are not out yet. You panicked and got Max, your teacher to help!

QUEST: Find all your missing friends and get out of The Spooky Manor unharmed!!

Embark on a role playing adventure and step into the notorious Spooky Manor!
Children can expect to:

- gather and decode clues
- solve puzzles and riddles
- come up with solutions to situations
- work and discuss with fellow adventurers

To overcome the challenges, they will need to gather their courage, wits and work as a team to win the game! The Spooky Manor open it's door! ENTER... if you dare!!

*Note that this a single session escape room, an intriguing and curious adventure not to be missed!

Other Program Details

Suitable for ages 8 - 11 years old

Choose from one of the dates (Tuesdays DEC 2021):
7th DEC
14th DEC
21st DEC

Class Link will be provided upon sign up via confrimation email

The Spooky Manor open it's door! ENTER... if you dare!! Can you uncover all the secrects of the Spooky Manor?

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