Serious Fun Chinese Wushu!


2021 - 3 sessions available (see Other Program Details below)


ONLINE WORKSHOP (Class link provided via confirmation email upon sign up)


5.00pm - 6.00pm




The Polliwogs Academy presents, SERIOUS FUN WITH CHINESE WUSHU!! (Animal Forms and Styles)

Wushu also known as Chinese Martial Arts or Kung Fu can be FUN!
Besides the various martial art techniques, they will be learning the various styles and forms, in fun and exciting ways – a mix of creative movements and Wushu!

What the Children can expect!

- Varying styles of Wushu movement in the forms of animals!
- Chinese Wushu games on focus and discipline!
- Learn the traditions and cultures of Chinese Martial Arts!
- Fusions of fun body movements with Chinese Kung Fu!

As the coach Lance says, “A good student should not keep his master waiting! Sign up now and become the next Kung Fu warrior!”

*Note that this a one session workshop, a unique experience not to be missed!

Other Program Details

Suitable for ages 5 - 8 years old

Choose from one of the dates (Wednesdays):
8th DEC
15th DEC
22nd DEC

The School of Kung-Fu welcomes you! Step in and get ready for some SERIOUS FUN!

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