Past Classes

Mother’s Day Flower

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all our Mommies!! This year, we have created this FUN ART & CRAFT class for all our little Polliwogians visiting us at Vivocity!

Easter Day Crossword Puzzle

Print out this little crossword puzzle or save this image to let your little one have a fun in finding the words in this crossword puzzle!馃惏馃

Funky Carrot

Create your own FUNKY CARROT for your paper bunnies!

DIY Easter Bunny Hat

Design you very own聽聽Easter Bunny hat at The Polliwogs during our art & craft session!

DIY Colourful Tree

DO YOU WANNA BUILD YOUR OWN TREE?? Trees are important life on planet Earth. They give us food, stops erosion, and regulates the air around us. Little ones can get creative doing a simple handicraft works to show how they would like their trees to look like!

Craft of L.O.V.E <3

What does love mean to you? Share with us what you think love means to you and make a heart wreath together with the Polliwogians. Happy Valentine's Day!

Tiger Lollies Craft

Chinese zodiac years are represented by 12 animal signs. Do you know what animal represents year 2022? Make a guess!

Wish upon a wand

Star聽light,聽star聽bright, First聽star I see tonight. I wish聽I may, I聽wish聽I might, Have this聽wish聽I聽wish聽tonight... Let's make a wand! Make all your wishes come true!

Santa’s Carnival

YEAH! It's Christmas!!! What are we going to do for Christmas?聽 Come have holly jolly fun with us at Santa's Carnival for only $10/kid at VivoCity's The Polliwogs on 25th and 26th December! We have many games and SERIOUS FUN line up for you 馃檪聽

DIY Rainbow Chain

"Every child is born creative. The challenge is to keep that creativity alive" Wanna make your face mask more stylish? Let your kids explore their creative minds by doing their own DIY MASK CHAINS! Taking place on the 18th & 19th of December 2021! Don鈥檛 miss it!

Let’s make Desserterium!

SOMETHING yummylicious in the house! Let's DIY a Dessert Terrarium鈥 Yes an edible terrarium isn鈥檛 it suc-CUTE-lent! Haha!