Past Classes

Bunny Mask Craft

Let's get hands-on: Bunny mask coloring is the perfect spring craft your kids will enjoy for hours! Bring out the markers and bunny mask cut outs. Let's have fun!

Ketupat Craft

Ketupat is a type of rice cakes wrapped in coconut leaves or palm leaves. What about weaving a ketupat together with The Polliwogians?

Easter Bunny Craft

The Easter Bunny is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit—sometimes dressed with clothes—bringing Easter eggs.

Rainbow Cloud Craft

Make a beautiful rainbow cloud craft to hang on display or as a mobile in a kids room!

DIY Superhero Masks

The 2021 March school holidays are coming up & we have planned for a fun DIY Superhero Masks craft activity for the children!

Earth Necklaces

So, we created these lovely and super pretty Earth necklace craft project. Join us and make one for yourself too! See you! 😉

Moo Moo Craft 🐄

It’s he year of the OX! Wishing you an Ox-some year ahead! MOooooOOooo…

Coco’s Tortilla Wrap

Have you guys seen or heard about the Tiktok Tortilla (aka #tiktokwraphack) that’s floating around the internets?

Let’s DIY a Straw Bracelet!

Despite for drinking, straws can be used for other things. Why throw them away when you can make many interesting, creative and decorative things?

Rainbow Craft

Happy 2021! Let’s hope for a better year and to be happy and healthy!

Polliwogs’mas Funfair!

We are coming to the end of year 2020! Join us for last event of year 2020 at The Polliwogs Suntec City. Let us present:- "The Polliwogs'Mas Fun Fair"! 25 - 27 Dec 2020 (Fri, Sat & Sunday) Book your slots and join in #thepolliwogsSERIOUSFUN with safe management measures!